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I've never really be good at giving reviews.... Hmmmm... Oh well.

Me and a few Mates watched this one on Saturday. Got a tad sidetracked because we had previously just finished 8's movie, and End of Time P2, so I didn't really have energy to pay attention to the episode...thoroughly... So I finally caught the time to watch the full the episode with more focus put to it, and blimey it was good! It had some good quotes/moments, followed by rather anti-climactic plot elements.... Witch didn't seem to bother me... much.

But one thing I can't seem to get passed, is what's with people and Smith?! He's a great Doctor! Dare I say, just as good as any other! *Cough* Tennant *Cough*
See, I just went to Starfest (Colorado Nerd Festy-fest, and I attended one of the Doctor Who Discussion rooms. Durring that time, a question arross from the back of the room asking "So who didn't DT to go?". Nearly the whole room raised their hands. WTF PEOPLE!? Oh, and not to mention, the guy that came dressed as Smith (Which, mind you, was a brilliant costume!) got kicked out! Really?!

We have to end the hate! He's not dorky. Remember when we all thought he was Emo? It's Like Patrick all over again.

Ok. Enough ranting. What's up watchers? There seems to be a lot of you now! Maybe it's me, but it seems as though, that One, this crowd has no enthusiasm towards what I do. Two, you guys only like to chat about photos of plastic people. Three, You might be a tad shy. Or Four, you have no bloody idea what I'm talking about half the time. Or is it just me?
I don't know.
If you know what it might be, or you have a guess, leave a comment! I want to get to know my fans/viewer's/fellow nerdfighters/potential friends! We're all good people... excluding the bad people... but I don't see any hater's of what I do...yet.

Spred the love! I know you can do it!
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Gentleman-Ghost Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010
Ok so what I got from this was you went to a convention where a bunch of Tennant fans said they don't like Matt Smith that's fine but kicking out someone who's a fan of Smith now that's just wrong.

I personally loved Tennant and he was my second fav doctor but Matt Smith is great in the role and I too think it is a welcome change with some great performances.

Ranting over so I'll just say the jammy dodger was hilarious and be off.
InsaneGelfling Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010  Professional Photographer
I actually don't like Dr. Who, not the recent incarnations anyhow. What on earth was with the jammy dodger?? My girlfriend was watching it and it amused me slightly.
AndrewStone Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010
I seems like something Tom would have done. Or perhaps Patrick. Who knows. I thought it was rather clever.
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